Swamp Frog

1 bottle Everclear
1 bottle Vodka
1 bottle Sour Apple Pucker
1 can Concentrated Lime Mixer
Mountain Dew to top it off
Choose Your Container:
Grab a large pitcher or a gallon jug to mix your Swamp Frog. Make sure it’s big enough to hold all the ingredients with some room to stir.
Add the Alcohol:
Start by pouring the entire bottle of Everclear into the pitcher or jug. Next, add the bottle of vodka. These strong spirits will give your Swamp Frog its kick, so handle with care!
Mix in the Flavors:
Pour in the bottle of Sour Apple Pucker. This will give your cocktail its signature tangy apple flavor and green color. Then, add the can of Concentrated Lime Mixer. This concentrated lime juice will balance the sweetness with a zesty citrus punch.
Top with Mountain Dew:
Fill the rest of the pitcher or jug with Mountain Dew. This will not only top off your cocktail but also add a fizzy, sweet finish that makes the Swamp Frog so delicious.
Stir and Serve:
Give your Swamp Frog a good stir to ensure all the ingredients are well mixed. Serve it over ice in your favorite cocktail glasses. You can also garnish with lime slices or apple wedges for an extra touch.

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