How to Grow an Apple Tree from SEED to FRUIT in 3 YEARS!

1. Prepare the Seeds:
Collect seeds from a ripe apple.
Clean and dry the seeds for a day.
2. Stratify the Seeds:
Place seeds in a damp paper towel and into a plastic bag.
Store in the refrigerator for 6-8 weeks, keeping the towel moist.
3. Plant the Seeds:
After stratification, plant seeds 1/2 inch deep in small pots with potting soil.
Water well and place in a sunny spot or under grow lights.
4. Care for the Seedlings:
Keep soil consistently moist.
Transplant seedlings to larger containers or outdoors when they have several leaves.
5. Transplanting Outdoors:
Choose a sunny, well-draining spot.
Space trees 15-20 feet apart.
Plant seedlings, firming the soil around the roots.
6. Accelerate Growth:
Fertilize regularly.
Water deeply and mulch to retain moisture.
7. Pruning:
Prune in late winter or early spring to shape and remove dead branches.
Create an open canopy for sunlight and air circulation.
8. Pollination:
Plant at least two apple varieties nearby for cross-pollination.
9. Pest and Disease Management:
Monitor for pests and diseases.
Use treatments as needed to protect trees.
10. Fruit Thinning:
In the second year, thin fruit to one per cluster when marble-sized to improve quality.
11. Harvesting:
By the third year, trees should bear fruit.
Harvest when apples are firm, crisp, and fully colored.

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