How To Keep Flies Away From Your Outdoor Spaces

This might sound peculiar to many, but I’ve come across an online suggestion that using Irish Spring soap in your garden or yard can keep mosquitoes at bay. I’m typically a prime target for these pests. Nonetheless, I gave this method a trial run over the last few days. I’m excited to report that this unusual tactic seems to work remarkably well.
How to Use Irish Spring Soap to Keep Flies Away
-Step 1: Get a bar of Irish Spring Soap.
-Step 2: Put it in a mesh bag.
-Step 3: Hang the bag in outdoor areas where you relax. Why It Works:
Flies and even deer don’t like the strong smell of Irish Spring Soap.
The smell in the air will keep flies away from you.
-Extra Tips:
Gardeners use soap shavings in nylon stockings to protect plants.
For RVs or trailers, put pieces of Irish Spring Soap inside to keep rodents away.

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