Potato salad

Potatoes, hard boiled eggs, finely chopped celery and onion, seasoning salt, black pepper, mayonnaise, yellow mustard and paprika and more hard-boiled eggs to garnish with.
Cold tuna/macaroni salad:
Elbow noodles, drained canned tuna, hard boiled eggs, finely chopped celery and onions, mayonnaise, yellow mustard, seasoning salt and black pepper.
Garnished with paprika, and more hard-boiled eggs as well.
I like to refrigerate them overnight so they can marinate. Probably will eat some of each for breakfast in the a.m.

Update: A very kind commenter mentioned they put sweet pickles and a little dill juice in their potato salad, and I totally forgot to put my dill relish in each salad, so I added it this morning, to both of my salads! Personally not fond of the sweet relish so dill it is for me

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