How to Propagate Rose Cuttings with Bananas – The Natural Method


The natural method to propagate rose cuttings using bananas. Anyone can do it quickly and easily.

Banana for Rose Cuttings: The Expert Method
The expert trick for propagating rose cuttings is quick, inexpensive, and fun. For those with a green thumb, it’s a great solution to discover what gardeners do for a rich bloom. Even those without a green thumb can finally use this method and achieve wonderful results.

Materials Needed:

Small pebble
Ripe organic banana
Broken plastic pot
Steps to Follow:


Wear gloves and use a cutter to make two cuts on the stem of a rose. Use a small pebble to separate the cuts.
Using the Banana:

Take a ripe organic banana and place the heart of the cut fruit around the separated ends of the rose stem. Secure it in place with a clip, ensuring it’s not too tight and the pulp doesn’t spill out.
Protection and Stabilization:

Use a broken plastic pot as a shield by wrapping it around the stem with the banana. Secure everything with clips, but don’t tighten them too much.
Filling with Soil:

Fill the pot with soil and smooth it out to ensure it effectively works on the rose cuttings.
Vertical Development:

Tie the plant to a shrub to ensure it grows optimally vertically, avoiding any bends or twists during development.

After about a month, the first results will be visible. Separate the pot from the shrub and break it with scissors. The banana will have decomposed into very fertile soil, and the splitting of the stem will have produced roots, thanks to the properties of the banana.
This method can be repeated, ensuring the rose plant is placed in an appropriate pot in the garden or on the terrace. In a short time, you can achieve a fragrant bloom, all for just a few cents and with the help of a banana.

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