Crockpot corn on the cob is always a hit

. Add any seasonings you like. I added 1 cup of water to the bottom, cut a stick of butter the sprinkled dried onion, salt, pepper, and parsley on top. Sometimes I sprinkle a little garlic and Lowerys salt. 3 hours on high
Geez some of you are on one today 😂 I KNOW there’s other quicker ways to fix corn on the cob. I’m 33 years old and not stupid. There’s actually quicker ways to fix MANY recipes on this page. Making the corn in the crockpot saves me space on the stove top. It also makes it really juicy and REALLY absorbs the flavors of any seasonings I may use.
I put tin foil under the corn to keep it from getting too hot and letting it cook evenly and it’s really juicy. I’ve also made it with baby taters and baby carrots under the corn and even used different seasoning on the taters and it turned out amazing. Everyone here loves it. And you people complaining that I’m spending too much time making my corn have got too much time on your own hands
Thanks a bunch!

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